What We Do

We are an interactive hands on entertainment. Giving adults and children the opportunity to make giant bubbles themselves. Great for Birthdays, family events, festivals and other events We also have a bubble show with thousands of bubbles to chase. If needed we bringing our own stage with us, which saves you from having to setup a stage and it keeps the soap bubbles off of other stages. Our stage fits within a 5x5 space and only needs enough room around it for kids to chase the bubbles. We also put people in a bubble for a fee which goes to the next charity event we attend FESTIVALS Only Please keep in mind bubbles need open space to float and some vendors maybe concerned about the solution getting on their product. But on the other hand, our bubbles stop people in their tracks. Which will increase business for the shops around us. We also keep children entertained while the parents are window shopping or waiting for a show to start. We will gladly put the bubbles away during other shows to avoid distraction from their entertainment. We will do our best to make your festival a fun and happy place for all. Our solution is nontoxic and non staining. 

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